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Utiasheva son and I returned to the Pasha Will in Moscow

Utiasheva son and I returned to the Pasha Will in MoscowWe already wrote about that Laysan utiasheva and Paul Will become parents. The birth of their child from the very beginning was shrouded in mystery. First, the pair played secret wedding. About their new status became known, when Laysan at the 7th month of pregnancy went to Italy, and then in Miami to give birth.Secondly, neither Laysan, or Paul did not make official statements about the birth of the boy. This was announced by chance, bragged to people close to the star couple. Later, when information began to hide pointless, Irina Viner, coach gymnasts, said Laysan actually became a mother. Read more -->

Kazan activists caught a school teacher is a pedophile. VIDEO

Kazan activists caught a school teacher is a pedophile. VIDEOTeacher pedophile Kazan activists "Ocupy Pedophiles" spotted on one of the Dating portals. This resource that has been registered under the nickname "Evil Masai" and used it to explore with young people solely for the sake of sex.This time the 25-year-old gay man did not stop what the user under the nickname "Oleg" admitted that he was under fifteen years of age and that he has no sexual experience.In correspondence he promised his new young friend, that will not hurt him, and invited him to the sauna.To meet the Chemists fan of his youth came on a motorcycle, however, it is not expected that instead of a teenager to see him will want quite a few older boys activists. "Antipeople has used his favorite trick, under the harmless nick was hiding not naive boy. Not a little frightened frustrated Lovelace told myself all on video, called the name and place of work - 125 school, said that had never dealt with teenagers and promised to delete my page on the portal, which subsequently did.- We just have to let him go, " he told "KP-Kazan" activist "Ocupy Pedophiles" Ilya Lensky. Because all previous attempts to pass pedophiles to the police nor to no avail, after three hours in the Department, as a rule, go and criminal cases do not get. Read more -->

Kristina Asmus give birth to twins

Kristina Asmus give birth to twinsPregnant Kristina Asmus often puts your photos in Instagram than very happy fans. Actress leads a secular way of life appears at the premieres, travels a lot and even rehearsing in the theater.A few days ago the Internet was filled with rumors that Christina gave birth to a boy. Later, however, the artist wrote in his blog, which has not become a mother, and asked fans about the combat, the actress replied: "I Assume I would write in here, if it's Your thing "started"?".Pregnancy Christina shrouded in all sorts of rumors. Some even suggested that Asmus flew away to give birth abroad, and others that she stayed at the clinic of St. Petersburg "Mother and child".Further - more. Now there is a rumor that Christina will give birth to twins - she's just incredibly big belly and even, according to moms online, stout nose. Read more -->

In Nizhnekamsk (Tatarstan) initiated a criminal case on the fact of double murder

In Nizhnekamsk (Tatarstan) initiated a criminal case on the fact of double murderDay 12 March in the city of Nizhnekamsk in the apartment of one of the houses on the street Sports found the body of 35-year-old woman and her 13-year-old son with signs of strangulation. Death had come, presumably on the eve.As reported to IA REGNUM in the press-service of the SU TFR in Tatarstan, according to the facts police initiated a criminal case on the grounds of a crime, including a 2 item 105 of the criminal code (murder of two persons).Currently under investigations and investigative activities aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident. . . . . Read more -->

New details of the scandal in the Chuvash camp: one of the counselors beat 10-year-old boy

New details of the scandal in the Chuvash camp: one of the counselors beat 10-year-old boyInvestigators, dealing with the night "flash mob" counselors "Golden ear", which shows how three guys bully the kids, found out new details.Change that distinguished leaders began on 1 June. And on the third day, one of them beat 10-year-old boy. Got a few more guys to pupils.The next day the child left the camp and don't return.- About the incident told the boy's mother. She responded to the request of investigators to report unlawful actions on the part of counselors at the camp, said "KP" senior assistant SU TFR of the Chuvash Republic Oleg Dmitriev. - In respect of a young person prosecuted for "beating, hooligan motives".It turned out this is the guy who had previous convictions for theft and sentenced to 80 hours of mandatory work.Recall that the state of emergency in the "Golden spike" occurred in the night from 19 to 20 June. Then three counselors dragged the sleeping kids out of bed, dragged them on the beds in the corridors, one poured from the shower in the bathroom, another rolled up in the mattress. Read more -->

How to make a snowman with your hands

How to make a snowman with your hands1. Christmas crafts with their hands. How to make a snowman out of paperOption 1.Snowman paper from the website Make this Christmas crafts paper can even a small child through adult. Print out the template, color and cut of snegovik, then glue crafts.Website Country Masters offers four different ways to make a snowman out of paper.Option 2. Snegovik capThe PI of this crafts for the New year see the link>>>>Another snowman paper from this site.Option 3. Read more -->

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